IB Chemistry Tutors

Chemistry is an experimental science that combines academic study with the acquisition of practical and investigational skills. IB chemistry tutors help you in academics as well as in grasping practical skills.

For IB chemistry you need to focus on two levels i.e. HL (Higher Level) and SL (Standard Level).

Suggestion by our tutors

All you need to do that read the outline of the syllabus first. Then decide in which you can score better as well as what is your strong points. Try to find the complexity of the two levels. Although both have common core syllabus and common internal assessment. Apart from this, in HL you have to do more practice rather than in SL because HL is more rigorous.

IB Chemistry syllabus outline:

Higher level (240 hours)

  • Internal assessment (individual investigation): 20%
  • External assessment: 80%

Standard level (150 hours)

  • Internal assessment (individual investigation): 20%
  • External assessment: 80%

The requirement of HL ( Higher Level)

While both have the same core skills and activities but these points show the difference of HL with SL:

  • Students are required to study some topics in greater depth,
  • To study additional topics
  • to study extension material of a more demanding nature in the options.
  • you have to do 40 multiple choice questions in HL paper 1.
  • In paper 2 as well as in paper 3 you have to do AHL(Additional Higher Level) material apart from core activities.

Specialized IB Chemistry Tutoring

Our highly expert tutors provide you the whole syllabus according to your needs. Also, we provide the assignments as well as past papers. All of this, is essential for your IB chemistry exam to score well. We also take assessments that you can prepare well for your exam. Although, our discussion class is also helpful in getting your weak points. You can clear all your doubts related to HL and SL papers. Apart from this, we can also provide extra classes for HL papers. In that, our expert facilitators bestow the knowledge for IB Chemistry HL. Then, provide the extension material which is necessary for your exam. We arrange one-on-one classes for both levels.

Our Main Objective

We mainly focus on the topics that you are weak in. We also provide the IB chemistry course curriculum at below that you can see and point out your frail topics. Also, our subject experts clear your doubts anytime. We will cover each and every topic as well as take your assessments according to IB. You will be satisfied with our tutoring because we will give you 100% assurance.

“What you expect you will definitely achieve”


Course Curriculum

1: Stoichiometric Relationships—13.5 Hours for SL and HL

2: Atomic Structure—6 Hours for SL and HL

3: Periodicity—6 Hours for SL and HL

4: Chemical Bonding and Structure—13.5 Hours for SL and HL

5: Energetics/Thermochemistry—9 Hours for SL and HL

6: Chemical Kinetics—7 Hours for Both SL and HL

7: Equilibrium—4.5 Hours for SL and HL

8: Acids and Bases—6.5 Hours for SL and HL

9: Redox Processes—8 Hours for SL and HL

10: Organic Chemistry—11 Hours for SL and HL

11: Measurement and Data Processing—10 Hours for SL and HL

12: Atomic Structure—2 Hours for HL Only

13: The Periodic Table: Transition Metals—4 Hours for HL Only

14: Chemical Bonding and Structure—7 Hours for HL Only

15: Energetics/Thermochemistry—7 Hours for HL Only

16: Chemical Kinetics—6 Hours for HL Only

17: Equilibrium—4 Hours for HL Only

18: Acids and Bases—10 Hours for HL Only

19: Redox Processes—6 Hours for HL Only

20: Organic Chemistry—12 Hours for HL Only

21: Measurement and Analysis—2 Hours for HL Only

Optional topics

Apart from those topics, you can also study additional topics in SL as well as in HL. Mainly, your teacher chooses which topic you will cover. You need to cover  5-7 topics in SL and 3-4 additional topics in HL. For this, our effort:-

  • Firstly, we provide you material for optional topics to cover up.
  • Secondly, we provide you ppts. as well as pdfs.
  • Furthermore, we provide you, specialized teachers, for every topic.
  • Our faculty does not disappoint you, your grades definitely be best.
  • Lastly, our advanced classrooms make your learning skills better.